Victor Charlo at NinePipes, Flathead Reservation, Montana, 2007 by Sue Reynolds 

Thanks to Vic Charlo for his friendship, for putting his life into his poems and for our work together.  From years of conversations, he’s taught me about his everyday Native life and inspired me to be better in my own.

Cass Fey, former education director of the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona, Tucson, has created this rich resource from my photographs and Vic Charlo’s poems. She's been incredibly patient with my process and shares my passion for making it the best it can be.

Thanks to Julie Cajune, Jace DeCory, and Jennifer Martel for reviewing this resource as Native American educators so that it's culturally sensitive and can effectively create bridges of understanding between non-Native and Native American youth.  Marina Weatherly's review as a non-Native teacher with years of Indian Education for All experience was invaluable.  Other educators' feedback also has made such a difference.  Many Native families generously shared their stories and permission to create and use these photographs of their children.  Thank you all!

To my husband Bob, whose love and belief in me have encouraged me every step of the way:  you're a treasure.